1 – 30 Sept. 2024

Participatory workshop

Mazda, Crafted in Japan: Mazda, the automotive company based in Hiroshima, prides itself on not only making cars but crafting them. For over 100 years, Mazda Takumi designers and engineers have been mastering traditional Japanese craftsmanship. Every Mazda starts as a handmade sculpture capturing the emotion of the future car, with the award-winning Kodo design philosophy creating a genuine expression of Japanese aesthetics. In other words, “Crafted in Japan” means: Perfection with a human touch.


South Korea - INIBIO pursues a combination of aesthetics and science according to three core values: Exploration, which means meeting the challenges of the unknown with a pioneering spirit; Quest, which relates to the pursuit of enhanced solutions through continuous research; and Aesthetics, encapsulated by the aspiration to achieve beauty through health. The company provides a varied range of products and services to create exquisite moments, pioneering a first-of-its-kind approach inspired by beauty. Beautiful artworks are, inevitably, a positive inspiration for INIBIO.


Special thanks to Combo, Firmenich, Henoto, Hermès, San Lorenzo Foundation, San Lorenzo Yacht.

In Città

A reference in the world of luxury, Cartier, whose name is synonymous with open-mindedness and curiosity, stands out with its creations and reveals beauty wherever it may lie. Jewellery, high jewellery, watchmaking and fragrances, leather goods and accessories: Cartier's creations symbolize the convergence between exceptional craftsmanship and a timeless signature. Today, Cartier is part of the Richemont Group and has a worldwide presence through its network of flagships and boutiques, authorized retail partners, and online.